Last week we finally decided to pull the trigger on a lot of changes we’ve been mulling over the past year.  We’re rebranding from Echo 5 Web Design to Echo 5 Digital.

Our beginnings in web design

We started off as a small Atlanta web design company over 10 years ago and it quickly became the bread and butter of our business.  We have a passion for great web design and over the years we’ve been working to make our clients look great at doing what they do best.

But the web design game quickly changed.  We had gone from building out static HTML websites to content management systems giving clients full control over their website.

Of course, this branched into creating ecommerce websites, which inevitably lead to customers needing more features integrated into their ecommerce platforms.

We started small.  Maybe a customer needed a new shipping method on their store.  Maybe they needed to send out marketing campaigns and follow-ups for customer purchases.  But eventually we started coding up our own solutions to help make our clients lives easier.

Web apps and custom software

A big part of why we rebranded is we needed to get the message out there that we’re not just a web design company.  We love coding web apps and software and our clients seem to appreciate them in return.

In addition to SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, we’ve also built out a number of apps that focus on improving client productivity and efficiency in your business.

Between task management systems, invoicing software, booking and scheduling software, CRMs, social networking, all the way to email marketing automation, we’ve really worked on it all.

So much time is lost due to lack of productivity and helping our clients take back that time is extremely rewarding.

The whole picture: Building successful businesses

Building great websites and software is only half the puzzle.  The other piece is how we make this a profitable business decision.

Customers aren’t coming to us because they want an award-winning website.  They’re not coming to us because they want highly scalable enterprise-ready software.  They’re coming to us because they want to grow their business and push it to the next level.

And this is really why we rebranded.  We’re not just a web design company anymore.  We’re not just a company that builds custom software for you.  We’re a full service digital agency that helps your company increase it’s bottomline.

Where next?

I’d like to think that this is our final stop, but I know that’s not the case.  The world of web development moves quickly… very quickly.

But we vow to do what we’ve always done: build things to help our clients grow their businesses.