We all understand a website for your business is very important nowadays, but did you know that good website maintenance is essential to your business as well?  You might be surprised to know how many business owners create and launch a website and never do anything with it ever again.  However, an unattended website is actually not only a waste of your money and time, but it may also be stopping you from scaling your business.  Here are some reasons why you need regular website maintenance.

Don't throw your money down the drain

We all agree that websites are great tool to help you grow your business, yet building a website is not cheap.  If you have already built one, you should make good use of it; don't just lay it aside and let your investment go to waste.

Is it really cheaper to fix the problems when it happensĀ than to prevent them in the first place?If your budget for your online presence is tight, and you are thinking about skipping doing website maintenance, think again.  It's actually not very wise in the long run since a good website maintenance plan prevents expensive problems for you in the future.  A unattended website will bring you more problems which may cost you more.  Think about the cost of website downtime if your site crashes.  You not only lose sales and potential customers but also have to pay a good amount of money to fix the website problem.  Is it really cheaper to fix the problems as they happen than to prevent them in the first place?

Routine maintenance ensures that your website is running optimally

You should always make sure there's nothing is broken on your website, such as links, images, content, contact form, anything during checkout process, etc.  Occasionally a customer might email you and let you know that your checkout process isn't working, but how many sales did you miss prior to this one person telling you?

Besides losing potential customers, you need errors on your site fixed as soon as possible.  Why?  Because having errors on your website is not helping your brand image or your website's SEO.  Broken content on your website causes UX problems and negatively impacts overall organic ranking.  It also stops search engine crawlers in their tracks, which means it will pull down your website's search engine ranking.

Regular website maintenance is critical for SEO

Every time when you add new content to your website, you drive traffic to your website and improve your website's search engine rankings.  That's because the more often you update your website, the more search engines visit your website and index the new content.  The richer your website's content is, the higher your website's search engine ranking gets.  In short, adding fresh, interesting, shareable and relevant contents regularly is no doubt a great help for keeping your website's search engine ranking high as these have been proven to be linearly correlated and Google actively states that this is the case.

An unattended website looks unprofessional

An unattended website is a negative sign which indicates unprofessionalism for your clients and potential business partners.  Imagine someone visits your website and finds the last update you made was ages ago.  The first thought that pops into my mind when seeing this is, "This company is no longer in business."

Keeping updated information and records on your site is important.  Discrepancies in prices, mailing address, or phone numbers can all cause massive headaches for both you and your customer.  Finding that the price on the website is not correct or that a check was sent to the wrong address creates more issues you shouldn't have to deal with.

Protect your website

One of the top reasons website owners want to sign up for website maintenance plan is to avoid being hacked.  In fact, in this survey, 90% of the respondents said their companies' computers had been hacked over the past 12 months.  Every single day, there are about 30,000 websites infected and suffer from some type of malware.  This makes having a proper website maintenance plan is indispensable.  

Protect  your website.Hackers use automated programs which actively scans thousands of websites in just a few seconds.  These programs detect vulnerabilities in websites that they can take advantage of.  Outdated software, plugins, or poorly coded sites can leave easy holes for hackers to exploit.  You should keep your web server software and any other software you're using patched and up-to-date, perhaps getting a professional review of your website if possible.  

Backing up your website is crucial

Never assume your website is completely safe- even the WordPress core occasionally exposes vulnerabilities.  One of the most important steps of website maintenance is backing up website files so that even in the worst case scenario of a website crash or malicious hack, you can still get your website back within a short period of time.  Aside from malware attacks, it's very possible to accidentally delete or overwrite content in your website.

The alternative can be messy and involves building the entire website from scratch all over again.  This can cost a significant amount of time and money.  Backing up your website and its database at least once every month can safeguard against this scenario.

Offer the best user experience (UX)

When a potential customer comes to your website, the last thing you want to happen is a poorly functioning site.  If you're using an older version of website template or CMS, your website might not display properly anymore if a newer version comes out.  This kind of situation is bad for your website's user experience, and user experience is essential for getting a good ranking on search engine results.

Conclusion – be smart with your investment

Just like any other thing you have invested: a laptop, a car, or a house, you website needs maintenance to keep it working properly.  No matter what business you're running, even a non-profit organization, avoiding routine website maintenance is definitely shortsighted and foolish.  You business website should always be working well at its finest, in order to continually make the most profit for you.

If you're too busy to handle your own website, we have website maintenance plans for every size of company.  If you have any question or you can't find what you're looking for, please comment below or get in touch with us.