E-commerce Development

An e-commerce store can allow you to sell products, event tickets, or even schedule appointments online.  A good e-commerce system will let you sell, process payments, and manage your inventory easily online.


Benefits of E-commerce Development

E-commerce sites are the modern-day storefront.  Because of how affordable they are, investing in one can be a very profitable decision.

  • 96% of Americans shop online
  • 24 hour store without the overhead costs associated with staff
  • Instantly capture payments via credit cards or bank transfer
  • Understand user buying signals and tweak for growth

Our Process

Many factors can go into developing an e-commerce website.  For many business starting out, we may recommend a Woocommerce solution due to its ease of use and available plugins.  But for more advanced stores, a bespoke e-commerce site may be a better option.

1. Understand purchases and future goals

How do users buy your items?  Can they customize your products?  Will we implement affiliate coupon codes or cross product upsells in the future?  These are all important items to consider before deciding on the underlying framework for your e-commerce store.

2. Build and test

We want to make sure your store works and customers can easily make purchases before moving to market.  We’ll test to make sure payment gateways, commission earnings, shipping APIs, any other features on your ecommerce site are working top-notch.

3.  Automate

Taking care of a store can be a full-time job, but automating shipping labels, inventory, and scheduling allows you to reduce overhead costs.

4.  A/B testing

By split testing your ecommerce site’s layout, content, and user interaction, we can continue scaling your business and net more sales for your company.

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