Laravel Development

We develop powerful, flexible, and safe Laravel applications with scalability.

Benefits of Laravel Development


Laravel is a great framework for building fully bespoke applications.  This framework takes the best pieces of Ruby on Rails and ported them over to PHP to create our favorite PHP framework.

Because so many servers are running on PHP, it’s very easy to get Laravel up and running on most servers.  Furthermore, it doesn’t attempt to do too much out-of-the-box which makes it extremely scalable.

  • Built-in security against malicious exploits
  • Strong and growing community of Laravel packages
  • Better coding conventions than many other PHP frameworks, allowing multiple developers to work on the application with ease
  • Rails style database migrations for feature changes and production deployments

Our Process

We use an agile workflow to quickly build out Laravel applications for small businesses and mid-sized enterprises.

1. Research and discovery

Both projects and sprints begin with a discovery period.  Is Laravel the best solution for your business problem and how would we go about using it to resolve the issue we’re facing.

2. Wireframe and design

Creating prototypes and mockups allows us flesh out the user interface for pieces of your application.  This allows us to identify potential issues before beginning development and cut down excess hours spent on redesigning in Laravel.

3. Development sprint and review

Once we’ve identified issues and solutions, they get added to our weekly sprint for our Laravel developers to code.  We then push new features into staging for review so we can identify bugs or changes that need to be made.

4. Automated testing and deployment

Laravel comes with a powerful suite of testing and deployment tools so we can reduce downtime and bugs in production environments.  This also allows us to continually deploy new versions of your web app without interruption.

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