SaaS Development

Software as a Service development is the best way to bring your idea to life with a recurring revenue stream.

Benefits of SaaS Development

Developing a SaaS application is a great way to quickly get your software to market.  Because they generally reside in the cloud, they come with a whole host of benefits over traditional software.

  • Recurring subscription revenue instead of one-off payments
  • Quick to market and easy to scale apps
  • More user data and analytics to improve your SaaS product
  • Highly accessible and better user adoption
  • Compatibility across different OSs and devices with browser based software

Our Process

We build SaaS applications through an agile workflow to quickly get your product from idea to market.  For many starting, with an MVP let’s us push an initial product to market in under 6 weeks, while continuing to push new features to the cloud.

1. Planning and structral design

Discovering blockades early is important and saves on time and development costs.  Laying out your software first, let’s us create a better plan for development.

2.  Picking the best technologies

Your SaaS app needs the best technology for growth.  Determining the best for both development and one that allows us to scale the software is crucial to long-term growth.  There is not a one-size-fits-all approach and different services require different programming languages.

3.  Build your Software as a Service

Once we have a plan in place to bring your product to market, we can begin developing.  Working in agile sprints, we’ll quickly push feature sets to the cloud to test and review before we launch your final product.

4.  Add features and Optimize for growth

SaaS apps allow us to easily and regularly push new features to all of your consumers.  As your user base continues to grow, we can continue improving performance and adding new features to dominate the market.

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