Search Engine Optimization

Get your site ranked higher for profitable keywords and get more traffic to your site.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that 58% of people don’t even bother to check results past the first page when doing a Google search?  If your site isn’t ranked on the first page for any terms, you’re probably not getting much traffic.

In order to increase website sales you need to get more exposure.  The best way to do this in the long run is through SEO.  Short term strategies of paid advertising and email campaigns are great, but generally have much lower ROI than SEO strategies.

SEO strategies are also great because they tend to have a residual effect for months or years down the road.


Our Process

Many SEO experts will claim to get you ranked #1 in Google in no time flat.  This should be a red flag and you should run, not walk, away.  Increasing your Google rank doesn’t happen overnight and black-hat techniques risk penalizing your site.

We usually see results from our SEO campaigns in 2-3 months.  Our tried and true method includes only white-hat techniques that Google considers high value:

1. Keyword research and strategy

This is the first stepping stone in order to getting more traffic. You need not only relevant keywords to your business, but also keywords that pinpoint your target audience. We analyze the latest trends and volume for search terms as well as the competition for each to see how difficult it will be to get you ranked for each term. Once we’ve narrowed down a list we can modify or create content accordingly to boost your rankings.

2. Content strategy and implementation

Once we’ve identified words that we want to rank for, we create a plan to determine the kind of content we should be putting out to get your business ranking for these terms and connect you to your target audience.

3. Backlink building

We need to find high quality businesses that find your content useful and encourage them to link back to your site.  This is a signal to Google that your site has meaningful content and will help your SEO.  We do this through outreach campaigns and networking within your industry.

4. Analyze traffic and performance

Finally, we want to analyze changes in traffic and determine how well your keywords are performing.  Are we reaching your customers?  Are certain words more profitable than others?  These let us continue tweaking your SEO strategy and create more and more profitable campaigns.


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