UI/UX Design

User experience design is all about improving the usability of your website or app and generally making it easier for users to adopt.  User interface design complements this by use of prototyping and creating more attractive products.

Benefits of UI/UX Design

Understanding how users navigate your site allows you to make this a more appealing process.  Removing user frustration and confusion ultimately leads to more users turning into customers and existing users continuing to use your product or service.

  • Create a beautiful product that users are more ready to adopt
  • Reduce points of frustration on your site or app where users drop-off
  • Turn prospects into paying customers and increase sales
  • Retain more customers by increasing customer satisfaction
  • Increase user productivity in apps and software

Our Process

There is not an exact science to the perfect UI/UX design, but there are many great ways to measure and gradually improve usability of your website or app over time.

1. Set goals

It’s important to understand what the outcome of your product or website should be.  What does your business want to accomplish and what does a user expect to accomplish?  Can we measure these goals to improve user experience?

2. Research existing problems

If we have existing data on the performance, we can begin assessing existing pain points for users and how that may be failing your business.

3. Design and test

Using proven design principles, we can begin to shape the user interface for your website or app.  Testing between our design team and your business gives us a good foundation, but it’s often helpful to bring in external user testing to understand how users interact at scale.

4. Measure performance and reiterate

User experience continues to change with time and will improve with each iteration.  Tracking user heatmaps, user interaction recordings, and other analytics allows us to create measurable and objective improvements in overall user experience.


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