Web App Development

Web applications provide easily scalable apps and accessible apps for your company or consumers.

Benefits of Web App Development

Web apps are perfect for everything from workflow automation to full-blown SaaS products.

  • Create an API for external services or mobile apps
  • Connect your team with a customized CRM or task management system
  • Instantly distribute product updates and fixes
  • Create a product for an untapped market

Our Process

We build out web apps using a transparent process and using an agile workflow.

For many startups , building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) allows us to quickly push a product to market within budget.

1. Planning and budgeting

Determine the features that are needed for your app and the best technologies to implement.

2. Develop and test

Push daily changes to staging servers to test, tweak, and quickly build out production-ready software.  Apps rarely go unchanged from planning to production- with weekly agile sprints we have the flexibility to shift or add new features.

3. Support and scale

Create an infrastructure for creating and safe-keeping of data backups.  Continue optimizing code to perform well under high user load.

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