Website Redesign

Professional website redesign services to improve branding and capture more customers.

Benefits of Website Redesign

A refreshed website design can be a very smart decision for some companies and comes with a lot of benefits.  Chances are that if you haven’t redesigned in the last 2 years, it might be a good time to redesign your website.

  • Rebrand your site to be more professional and appealing to your customers.
  • Retarget your services to your target audience.
  • Improve search visibility through SEO.
  • More control and flexibility of your content through a better CMS.
  • More sales and customers through better user experience.

Our Process

Web design trends move fast, but redesigning is about more than staying on top of trends.  Redesigning your website needs to be methodical and built in a way that can measure growth.

1. Understand why you’re redesigning

Is your old website have an outdated design?  Are you not capturing customers?  Does your current website not represent your brand very well?  There are plenty of reasons to redesign, but defining issues with your current website design gives us a benchmark to improve upon.

2. Website design mockups and prototyping

Before we begin a single line of code, we need to make sure we’re on the same page for the new design.  We create high fidelity mockups to style your new website and make sure we’re creating the best possible product along with resolving any problems the previous design didn’t handle well.

3. Redevelop your website

Once we have our designs ready, we’ll start developing your new site and building out any features you might need into your CMS.  We always build out using clean code that’s optimized for speed and SEO.

4. Revise and launch

Finally, we want to make any changes before moving your site from our staging server to production.  Once you’re happy with the final result, we’ll migrate your new website to your server seamlessly without any downtime.


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