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Flexible content management systems and custom web design with WordPress development.


Benefits of WordPress Development

WordPress is still one of the easiest content management systems to use and puts you in the driver’s seat of your site’s content allowing you to make regular edits to all aspects of your site.  And with careful plugin selection and proper WordPress theme development, it is a great CMS.

Because of the large community surrounding WordPress, it also has a huge marketplace for plugins, making it easy to quickly create add-ons to your site.

While many love this content management system, others will argue that it’s the worst thing to hit ever the web.  Most of the myths that give WordPress a bad reputation come down to bad WordPress development techniques.  We’ve written an article about the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress and why most of these issues can be solved by using a good WordPress developer.

Our Process

We use a different approach to building WordPress sites to circumvent some of the issues that come along with this CMS and still let you have all the advantages.

1. Determine project needs

Is WordPress the right choice?  For many small businesses, this is usually an easy answer as it’s cost effective and many find it’s dashboard very intuitive.  For larger companies with higher traffic, we need to have a discussion to make sure it’s a good fit for the business and won’t cause issues as you scale.

2. Design concepts

Unlike many companies, we don’t put you on a bloated theme and call it a day.  We create web design mockups first so that we can use that to dictate your brand’s aesthetic and not a cookie cutter template.

Revising the design concepts and creating a style that fits your brand first allows us to quickly develop a WordPress site that you’ll love.

3.  WordPress theme and plugin development

We’ll build a custom theme for your site and encapsulate all functionality into this theme, making plugin updates and managing your site content a breeze.

If there are available plugin solutions that don’t impact your site performance or SEO, we’ll use those to avoid reinventing the wheel and save your budget.  When we can’t find a good solution in the marketplace, we’ll custom develop a WordPress plugin just for your site.

4. Optimize code, server, and assets

Finally, because of the nature of how WordPress works, we want to make sure that the HTML structure, server configuration, and site performance are all top notch.   This will ensure good user experience and that the code Google sees helps your site rank.


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