Record Label Soundtrack Player and Website Redesign

Basswalk is a record company with 3 different labels.  In addition to redesigning their website, they needed a way to maintain all 3 labels, store various release information and grant access to specific portions of their dashboard to different employees.
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Release Filters

Since Basswalk has over around 200 releases currently, we created filters to quickly search and find albums by date, artist name, or release name.
The WordPress community doesn’t seem to have any plugins capable of doing search comparisons, so we built out a custom plugin to handle this functionality, while still allowing admins to update fields in the dashboard.

SoundCloud Player

It was important to Basswalk that users could quickly listen to soundtracks associated with an album.
Using the SoundCloud API, we created a method to automatically pull track information from the database and embed a player directly on the page.

Multisite WordPress Network

We built a WordPress multi-site network to encapsulate the 3 different labels.  This not only allows users to be shared across the network but also restrict their access and role by their position in the company.

Roles Capabilities

Additionally, because this is under a multi-site network, themes and plugins can be shared.  This means that updates to the site functionality and code-base can be made in one place, for faster and more cost efficient updates.


What we accomplished

In the end, we created a modern and edgy site that Basswalk was very pleased with.

They now have a system in place to handle employee access and easily organize and display any new release information.  The new site will also increase their search engine visibility and help with social media presence.

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