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Brenko Web is both an informational website for learning code and a marketplace for scripts, providing a learning ground for PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It is built on Laravel and uses a modified version of bootstrap for front-end styling. View site

Brenko Web


The marketplace allows users to upload their own scripts for administrator approval and earn money from their code. In addition to providing a role based system to allow secure uploads and various administrative priveleges for reviewing scripts, creating a proper payment system with commission was important.  Providing a secure way to house and serve files was also important here since many downloads can easily be spoofed with a valid URL, various checks and storing files outside of public directories ensures premium scripts aren’t leaked for free.

Brenko Web

What We Accomplished

Using the PayPal adaptive payments gateway in conjuction with the standard PayPal API, we were able to create a chained payment system to provide the site with commission and the script author with funds from sales.
This creates instant payment for both the authors and site owners while minimizing the number of transactions and reducing total fees.

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