Employee Assessment and Analytics Software

EdgeDweller handles employee assessments for companies and offers critical thinking evaluations in addition to regular workshops.  Echo 5 provided a revamped e-commerce site in WordPress as well as developing online assessment and testing applications.
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EdgeDweller WordPress website


Capturing assessment testing results and instantly returning outcomes was the bulk of this project.  Not only was it important to logically evaluate tests to determine employee placement, but this needed to be extensible to allow easy administrative changes down the road.

EdgeDweller WordPress website

What We Accomplished

We developed 2 different types of modifiable assessments for EdgeDweller.  The first that offers more quiz-like instantaneous results based on the users answers and another that allows tracking and emailing of hand-written responses.

Users under this web app can be individuals or employees of companies.  For the latter, we built out an invoicing system that automatically bills company owners bimonthly and consequently releases any pending tickets for workshops.

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