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Etch is a premium WordPress theme that provides a full front-end visual editor. With a live customizer, even a novice can adjust their sites look and feel from an easy to use control panel. View site

Etch Theme


When creating a WordPress theme it's easy to go overboard on the amount of features. To an end-user, more features seems like a better deal and more incentive to purchase. The issue is that many themes abuse this to promote sales and you end up with a bloated and slow site that ranks poorly and suffers usability issues.  Many frameworks also suffer from either the lack of ability to expand on existing components (such as shortcodes and options), or allow this but require that all base styles are imported, excessively increasing theme size.

Etch WordPress Theme

What We Accomplished

Etch avoids the classic issues with bloat by using Javascript taskrunners to compress code to the smallest size possible and providing a clean distribution version with every version.
By dequeuing the default stylesheets and scripts included with many plugins and providing proprietary scripts, Etch is able to further reducing the total overhead by another 500kb and shave seconds off of load time.

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