Miinus WordPress Theme

Miinus is a premium theme created for users who want full control over their site. Choose from thousands of combinations of colors and styles using the extensive admin panel. Miinus is also completely responsive. That means that we’ve designed it not only for use on iPhones, iPads, and Desktops, but also every screen size in between. View site

Miinus WordPress theme


At the time, Miinus was on the cutting edge of responsive design as many websites still had yet to create mobile-friendly sites. Prior to 2013, many sites used two completely distinct stylesheets or sites even for mobile and desktop visitors.

Miinus WordPress theme

What We Accomplished

Using a mobile-first approach, we create a single stylesheet that created the correct styles depending on the viewport size.
But with a mobile first approach, you serve a smaller CSS file to mobile users, reducing total load time. This fixes continuity issues between stylesheets and provides a better user experience.

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