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Modius does data collection and analytics for data centers.  In addition to a refreshing website design, Modius needed a full restructure of their content to improve SEO and client acquisition.
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Modius WordPress website


Leads needed a method to be captured and stored in the Hubspot CRM.  While this was previously done by forwarding users offsite to Hubspot forms or manual data entry, this was obviously not an ideal solution.
Since much of the previous content was spread across various domains and the existing site did not have a sane URL structure, a restructure in content was inevitable.
Modius WordPress website

What We Accomplished

Creating a web design that Modius liked was our first goal.  A clean and unique design with a side icon-based navigation provided an edgy look that speaks to their industry.

During development, we also fixed various DNS issues as well as redirecting abandoned pages and resolving existing SEO issues.
Integrating the Hubspot API on the site allows Modius to keep users engaged on the site while still capturing user information for the CRM.  Additionally, Echo 5 developed an automatic account creation system to allow previous users to gain access to private content without the need to fill out more information.

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