Custom Content Management System and Client Portal

PowaPOS is a credit card processing company based in London and also has several branches around the globe, one of which is in Atlanta, Georgia. A site redesign was needed and a custom content management system was made in Laravel to provide a better interface for their clients and developers to download SDKs needed for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.



The previous PowaPOS site consisted of various pages that had lists of SDKs and instructions and guidelines for each. Maintaining each page was an issue and links and guidelines were at risk of becoming dated, not to mention presenting a huge headache to maintain.


What We Accomplished

We built a custom back-end interface to allow PowaPOS employees to drag and drop the necessary files for mobile devices. These files were automatically encrypted and served securely to approved users.
This new system also provided a way to easily organize and maintain the extensive categories and sections on the site. Updating an SDK or tutorial in one place means it will be updated across the site without any more action needed.

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