QuickStep WordPress Theme

QuickStep is a clean and minimal one page portfolio theme. It uses CSS3 to responsively adapt to different screen widths so it looks good on any device. View site

QuickStep WordPress theme


In creating a truly one-page design, we needed a way to inject content directly into the page. We did this through various AJAX calls for the portfolio, blog, and even regular links.  Using the jQuery easing plugin and injecting content into a wrapper on the page, we created an experience that allows the user to never leave the page while navigating a whole site and not presenting any consequences to SEO.

QuickStep WordPress theme

What We Accomplished

When creating QuickStep, our main goal was to make something that you can take and brand as your own.
The extensive admin panel lets you choose your own fonts, colors, and functionality down to the page. QuickStep gives you endless possibilities to customize and make your own site. You can pick and choose all the colors on your site using our built-in color picker.

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