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Sanctum Design Group was in need of a fresh new website design and rebranding that spoke more to their target audience.  Echo 5 was tasked with a full front-end redesign in addition to new branding, search engine optimization, and a drag and drop admin interface.
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Sanctum Design Group

The problem

Sanctum has a beautiful portfolio with vibrant images.  Unfortunately, the previous color pallette and site design really distracted from their work.
Their previous WordPress site was also very restrictive and not very user-friendly when it came to editing.  Getting a developer involved even was necessary even for the smallest changes.
Additionally, Sanctum was no where to be found in any search result, making it very difficult for their clients to find them.
Sanctum Design Group

Rebranding and design

Making their portfolio images pop more meant subtle color changes and accents that let the eye focus on the product images as opposed to an overwhelming site UI.
Switching to a new color pallette also meant rebranding logos, business cards, and general aesthetics for Sanctum.
Sanctum Design Group

What We Accomplished

The client was ecstatic with the overall design as the look and feel are far more creative and speak to their role as professional home designers.
The Sanctum website went on to receive a number of design awards and featured for its unique animations and navigational experience.
Design Recognitions

3 Site of the Day
10+  Nominations

Site Speed

8x faster

Daily Traffic


Sanctum Design Group onpage editor

Switching to Ruby on Rails

By moving the site to Ruby on Rails, we opened up the back-end for a custom project management platform but also gave the front-end a high-powered visual editor.
Clocking in at 683ms load time, the site is about 8x the previous site load speed, even with a large number of images.  The back-end handles image optimization and minifies all scripts and styles to deliver the fastest possible load times and improved search ranking.
Sanctum Design Group onpage editor

SEO Improvement

We created a keyword campaign and back-linking strategy to improve search engine rankings and appeal more to their target audience as the company shifted more into the design-build and construction field.
The traffic improvements were phenomenal.  The site went from not appearing in searches to appearing the first page for a number of Sanctum’s targeted search terms.
Sanctum Design Group onpage editor

What Sanctum says about us

Words can’t express our satisfaction with the job Echo 5 did. They rebranded our company website to be the rockstars we knew we were and helped us get in front of more clients.

 Hannah Barry

Hannah Barry

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