Sanctum Task Management Application

Sanctum needed an in-house task management application to handle task scheduling and workflow.  Tasks needed to be assigned to people in the application and notify their resources in the field.
We built a site using a Ruby on Rails backend to serve and manage the web application as well integrate their front-end site into Rails.

Sanctum Task Management Application


Timing is crucial for home renovations and scheduling contractors is the main bottleneck in the operation.  A Gantt chart is one of the best solutions to reduce wasted time.  However, this needs to flow into day to day tasks to manage in-house employees as well as contractors.
The web app also needed to communicate due dates to external resources through mailers and capture incoming mail into the system.  Allowing both in-app communication and standard email allows seamless transition for discussion on renovation projects.

Sanctum Task Management Application

What We Accomplished

Creating a task management system for Sanctum allowed faster project development and finding any blocking tasks using critical path.
Using Vue.js for front-end task manipulation on top of the Ruby on Rails back-end, we were able to give the application a "single page application" feel and allow for speedy management of tasks.

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