Senator Campaign Website Design and Analytics

Senator Henson’s site needed a modern look and an updated logo.  A site was developed in WordPress using a stripped down version of Visual Composer to allow for quick and easy changes by the client’s team.
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Sen. Steve Henson's website


Finding a color scheme for a political site can be a touch challenging.  While traditionally it has been the norm to go with the default boring blue, this comes across very mundane and definitely doesn’t connect will with younger audiences.  An updated color palette that is both stylish and keeps political affiliation colors was used instead.

Sen. Steve Henson's website

What We Accomplished

The site focuses on creating more social connections with the the Senator’s followers through Twitter and email campaigns.
It also automates more processes by syncing with their social profiles and email API to allow for less day-to-day work on the site while still providing fresh content.

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