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Snappy Stitch is an e-commerce shop catering to premature baby clothing and custom-made clothing.  Built in WordPress, this Atlanta-based e-commerce business produces and ships clothes to children around the country.
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Snappy Stitch E-commerce


It can be challenging to put together a shop without professionally shot images.  Photoshopping these product images with more consistent backgrounds and filters was a necessity to making the site feel more professional.
Displaying a multitude of fabric options in a meaningful and concise way was also discussed, leading us to selectable images for fabric options.

Snappy Stitch E-commerce

What We Accomplished

Snappy Stitch was ecstatic with the website they received and very happy with the quick turnaround.
This WordPress based shop allows them to easily update their products and content when they might have new fabrics or coupons to add to their site.

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