ViewSonic App Marketplace Design and Database

ViewSonic needed a partner portal and frontend for its ISV applications.  In addition to being able to make in-house edits, emphasis was placed on scalability so we chose Laravel instead of a traditional CMS.



We needed to create a database schema that could easily scale to hundreds of thousands of apps.  On top of that, having a filter query system that runs a minimal number of database queries per search minimizes the stress put on the server during times of high traffic.
In researching ViewSonic’s competitors – we also wanted a page that would loading quickly and handle hundreds of apps without breaking a sweat.  Instead of conventional loading, we opted to lazily load in apps with a pagination fallback for older devices.  This gives a seamless infinite scroll experience while still providing a load time under 1 second.


What We Accomplished

ViewSonic’s ISV program provides a rich interface for learning about applications available and easily expanding these to include new partners without any choke points.
The intuitive design not only houses a lot of information in a meaningful way, but always scales responsively to any screen size and is extremely mobile friendly with a minimal footprint of around 700kb included scaled images.

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